Kaminofen Fuego Magno Compact
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      Technical sketch
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      Technical details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    5 kW

    Power range:

    3 - 7 kW


    > 80 %


    with steel cladding

    207 kg


    Fuego PowerBloc!

    60 kg

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    Purchase advice

    For further details and information, please ask your local specialist trader or plumber.

    Chimney Stove

    Fuego Magno Compact

    Like its smaller brother the Fuego Compact, the Fuego Magno Compact also invites you to sit back and dream.

    The PowerBloc! with its storage mass ensures pleasant, long-lasting warmth even if the chimney stove is no longer being heated.


    • Ceramic caffe melange (accessory)
    • Ceramic schneeweiß (accessory)
    • Ceramic weichsel (accessory)
    • Serpentin natural stone (accessory)
    • Steel black

    Product benefits:

    • Ambient air-independent combustion
    • Swirl combustion chamber
    • Ventilated door handle


    • OEC
    • Olsberg Powersystem
    • Universal accessories

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