Kaminofen Tolima PowerSystem Compact
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      Technical sketch

      Technical Details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    8 + 10 kW

    Water heating up to:

    70 %

    Power range:

    5 - 12 kW


    > 80 %

    Water capacity:

    30 l


    with steel cladding

    240 kg

    with ceramic cladding

    260 kg

    with natural stone cladding

    305 kg

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    Chimney Stove

    Tolima Aqua II Compact

    Combining the useful with the beautiful
    The ideal of a chimney stove. Softly rounded forms. Noble materials. A crackling feel-good atmosphere. And the unique advantages of water-carrying chimney stove technology. The
    TOLIMA AQUA II COMPACT supports a connected heating system and hot-water supply with about 70% of its capacity. A profitable connection that reduces energy consumption and is beneficial to nature, therefore paying off for people and the environment. All this makes it twice as nice to enjoy your living space every day as an island of calm and


    • Ceramic Caffe freddo
    • Ceramic Hämatit
    • Ceramic ahorn
    • Natural stone Serpentin

    Product benefits:

    • Ambient air-independent combustion
    • Water System
    • Ventilated door handle
    • Olsberg combustion system


    • OEC
    • Spark guard plates
    • Stainless steel corrugated hose
    • Olsberg installation unit
    • Temperature Difference Controller
    • Universal accessories

    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.


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