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    Aquiferous chimney stoves

    ...of Olsberg supply about 70 percent of the heat output to the central heating system.

    • innovative water technology
    • patented compact door closure system
    • technical approval for balanced flue operation
    Chimney stove accessory

    Our accessories:

    For our Olsberg Chimney Stoves, we are able to offer you further accessories like

    • Olsberg Efficiency Controller (OEC)
    • Rotating
    • Olsberg Powersystem
    • Spark protection plate
    • Olsberg Installation unit
    • Olsberg Temperature Difference-Controller
    • Pipe accessories
    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.
    Stoves with modern heating technology

    Many years of experience and creativity form the core of our success.

    We are pioneers in modern firing technology. We have successfully produced many innovations in recent years, which have decisively shape our fireplaces today.

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    Olsberg’s innovative corner combustion chamber is the answer to stricter fine particulate limits (second level BImSchV – Federal Emissions Control Act). It ensures greater efficiency and lowers the dust and carbon monoxide shares in flue gas and fuel consumption.
    Our electronic stove control (OEC Olsberg efficiency controller) guarantees economic and clean operation of Olsberg chimney stoves. This is because they optimise the combustion process and offer maximum operating convenience.
    Our compact door closing system ensures extra convenience and safety. As a result, the door closes quietly and remains permanently tight – with virtually no wear. Of course, on top of this there is the building standards approval (DIBt) for room-air independent operation.

    Store heat – use energy longer

    We developed the Olsberg power system for the best possible heat exploitation. It consists of special storage stones, which also release heating warmth to the room after the combustion has ended. If the warmth is not needed completely in the room, we recommend the Olsberg chimney stove with integrated water technology. It can be very easily integrated in the heating circuit of the building.

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