Kaminofen Pacaya Plus Compact
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      Technical sketch Pacaya Plus Compact

      Technical sketch Pacaya Compact

      Technical Details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    5 kW

    Power range:

    3 - 7 kW


    > 80 %


    HKI Cert
    CE Kennzeichen

      Purchase advice

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    Chimney Stove

    Pacaya Compact

    It is always the characteristic details that give a room
    its unique atmosphere. The PACAYA COMPACT meets this
    challenge in a special way, as the modular system optimally satisfies the desire for individual design. In addition, this chimney stove sets striking accents in material and form, regardless of whether you prefer a ceramic or natural stone design. Typical features for the well-thought-out and holistic approach are the ventilated door handle and the technical approval for ambient air-independent operation.

    Due to the optional OEC II (Olsberg Efficiency Controller II), not only the combustion air but also the convection air release can be controlled depending on the room temperature. Key benefits: low-pollution combustion and no
    cooling of the room after burnout.


    • Pacaya natural stone
    • Pacaya Plus Ceramics schneeweiß
    • Pacaya Plus natural stone

    Product benefits:

    • Olsberg combustion system
    • Ventilated door handle
    • Swirl combustion chamber
    • Ambient air-independent combustion


    • Universal accessories
    • Olsberg Powersystem
    • OEC II
    • Spark guard plates
    • OEC


    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.


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