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    Ambient air-independent combustion

    • Patented Compact door closure system
    • Olsberg Compact series with building inspectorate authorisation for ambient air-independent operation
    • For installation with a licensed ventilation unit no additional safety features required
    • Low-wear, hydraulic door closure system
    • Multiple configurations possible with ambient air-dependent operation

    Only at Olsberg:

    Quality down to the finest detail is the concept behind the design of the patented Compact closure system. The Compact closure system ensures long-lasting, tightly
    sealed doors with a quiet and gentle closing action. What’s more, the hydraulic system remains free from wear and tear.

    Olsberg has also taken into account the comfort aspect in its development. The door with the Compact closure system can be fixed in an open position to make cleaning the combustion chamber much easier, as your hands remain free to carry out the activity. The closure mechanism is one of the key prerequisites for licensing the stove for ambient air-independent operation. After all, regardless of the operating conditions, the heat generator must be sufficiently insulated from the surrounding area.

    An Olsberg stove door fulfils these high demands so that the Compact series appliance fitted with it can function without problems with an authorised ventilation
    system or additional safety installation.

    Olsberg has incorporated the closure system into the models of the Compact series.

    OEC - Olsberg Efficiency Controller
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