Kaminofen Tacora Compact
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      Technical sketch

      Technical Details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    6 kW

    Power range:

    3 - 8 kW


    > 80 %


    with steel cladding

    200 kg

    with ceramic cladding

    243 kg

    with natural stone Serpentin

    259 kg

    with natural stone Rainbow BigStone

    300 kg

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    For further details and information, please ask your local specialist trader or plumber.

    Chimney Stove

    Tacora Compact

    Beautiful moments between day and dream

    Fans of chimney stoves are certainly willing to do without
    the superfluous. But not the best functions and good taste.
    Why should they? In terms of engineering and material
    selection, design and surface, the TACORA COMPA CT
    satisfies the high demands of a well-maintained home decor.
    Therefore, this chimney stove is ideal for those who want to
    enjoy the mellow end of a long day in the warm glow of a
    crackling stove with all their senses.

    Please note: Since season 2016/2017, the Tacora Compact is only available with a ventilated bar handle.



    (Using the example of Tacora Compact with horizontal handle)

    • Natural stone Rainbow BigStone

    Product benefits:

    • Ambient air-independent combustion
    • Swirl combustion chamber
    • Integrated subsidiary air device
    • Ventilated door handle


    • OEC
    • Spark guard plates
    • Universal accessories

    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.


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