Kaminofen Tipas Compact
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      Technical sketch

      Technical Details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    4 kW

    Power range:

    2 - 6 kW


    > 80 %


    with steel cladding

    125 kg

    with ceramic cladding

    150 kg

    with natural stone cladding

    160 kg

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    Chimney Stove

    Tipas Compact II

    Lots of class for small rooms

    The flair and sophisticated atmosphere of a room cannot be calculated in square meters. All that matters is style and taste. TIPAS COMPACT is a chimney stove that meets the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and comfort, especially in rooms with modest dimensions, as it was specially designed for such rooms. Sleek lines, a relatively small diameter of 43 cm and a heating capacity of 4 kW make it an ideal source of heat in apartments and small living rooms. The choice between the design version Tipas II is supplemented by the Tipas III, a particularly attractive model with an all-glass front.


    (Example: Tipas Compact II)

    • Ceramic caffe corretto
    • Ceramic schneeweiß
    • Serpentin natural stone

    Product benefits:

    • Ventilated door handle
    • Swirl combustion chamber
    • Ambient air-independent combustion


    • OEC
    • Spark guard plates
    • Turntable
    • Universal accessories

    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.


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