Kaminofen Turia Lina Compact
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      Technical sketch

      Technical Details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    5 kW

    Power range:

    3 - 7 kW


    > 80 %


    with steel cladding

    164 kg

    with ceramic cladding

    185 kg

    with natural stone cladding

    198 kg

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    Chimney Stove

    Turia Lina Compact

    A totally different kind of wall decoration
    Small room? Little floor space? Don’t worry! Spatial relationships are not an issue for the TURIA LINA. Simply mount it on the wall! This saves space, is practical and has a very appealing look. At the same time, this extravagant wall decoration acts as a flickering and crackling heat provider, ensuring an extremely pleasant atmosphere in the home. The highly attractive full glass front is the so-called famous cherry on the cake.


    • Ceramic schneeweiß
    • Serpentin natural stone
    • Steel black

    Product benefits:

    • Ambient air-independent combustion
    • Swirl combustion chamber
    • Ventilated door handle


    • OEC
    • Universal accessories

    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.


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