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    OEC - Olsberg Efficiency Controller


    Maximum comfort at low cost

    The temperature of the waste gas is controlled with a sensor. The data gathered is passed on to a processor in the regulation unit which compares it with the ideal conditions saved in the appliance. With the help of an actuator, the quantity of combustion air is optimally regulated in line with every combustion situation. In the burnout when the embers are glowing, the OEC closes the air supply and thus prevents the surrounding area from cooling down.

    Optimised combustion process through:

    • Heating gas-controlled combustion regulation
    • Optimum combustion air supply
    • Low-pollution combustion
    • No cooling of the surrounding area after burnout
    • Simple conversion to manual operation
    • Simple to upgrade

    Designation Article No.:
    OEC Olsberg Efficiency Controller 23/5751.9200

    Consisting of:
    - Door contact
    - Hand lever
    - Actuator
    - Control element
    - Exhaust sensor cable

    suitable for:

    Aracar Compact, Caldera II Compact, Fuego Compact, Fuego Magno Compact, Ipala Compact, Iriga Compact, Merapi, Nuevo, Nevado Aqua Compact, Pacaya Compact, Pacaya Plus Compact, Palena Compact, Palena PowerBloc! Compact, Pico Compact, Pilas, Pular Compact, Pular Plus Compact, Purico, Tacora Compact, Tecapa Compact Tenorio PowerSystem Compact, Tipas Compact, Tipas Plus Compact, Tolima II Aqua Compact, Tolima II PowerSystem Compact, Turia Lina Compact

    OEC II - Olsberg Efficiency Controller II

    Designation Article No.:
    OEC Olsberg Efficiency Controller II 23/6841.9200

    Electronic furnace control for automatic combustion air control
    and dynamic room temperature control

    suitable for:

    Tenorio PowerSystem Compact, Pacaya Compact, Pacaya Plus Compact, Tolima II PowerSystem Compact

    OEC - Olsberg Efficiency Controller
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