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    Pellet stove accessory

    Our accessories:

    For our Olsberg Pellet Stoves, we are able to offer you further accessories like

    • Pipe accessories
    • Spark guarde plates
    • GSM-Module
    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.
    Pellet stoves with modern heating technologie

    Many years of experience and creativity form the core of our success.

    We repeatedly set new standards. This is because Olsberg pellet stoves are packed with innovations. As a result, they meet the highest demands on economy, operating convenience and environmental compatibility.

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    Compared to heating oil, pellets are true bundles of energy: there is just as much energy in 2 kg of these small, user-friendly wood pellets as in one litre of heating oil. Moreover, the effort to produce wood pellets comprises only two to three per cent of the energy contained in the pellets. In the case of oil it is over 15 per cent.

    Modern design and operating comfort

    Olsberg pellet stoves are distinguished by elegant, contemporary design. At the same time, they fascinate with automatic, user-friendly control, a high degree of efficiency and their long operating duration.
    The emissions of our pellet stoves are of course well below the required limits.

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