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    Pellet stove


    Enjoyment without a care in the world
    This freestanding pellet stove is once again further proof
    that exemplary things do happen if ability and creativity
    are able to fully unfold. Alone from its outward appearance,
    the harmonious overall concept convinces with an elegant
    alignment and the freedom of choice in the use of cladding
    made of steel, ceramic or natural stone. In technical terms,
    INARA captivates with its modern operating comfort. The
    core elements of this innovative pellet heating technology
    include an automatic fuel supply as well as an automatic
    control system for the combustion and room temperature.
    Complemented by a touch system with symbols and
    a dialog-driven display. But above all, this freestanding
    fireplace inspires with its functionality as a reliable and
    attractive source of heat which operates independently of
    indoor air quality.


    • Steel black
    • Natural stone Serpentin
    • Ceramic vanilla


    • Spark guard plates
    • Pipe accessories
    • General accessories
    • more views

    Manuals, Certificates and Spare Parts Lists

    Subject to construction
    modifications and errors.

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      Technical sketch

      Technical details

    Nominal heating capacity:

    6 kW

    Power range:

    2,1 - 6 kW


    > 90 %

    Capacity of pellet hopper:

    20 kg

    Pellet consumption

    0,5 - 1,4 kg/h

    Operating time min/max:

    14 - 40 Std.

    Power supply:

    230 V / 50 Hz


    with steel cladding

    130 kg

    with ceramic cladding

    170 kg

    with natural stone cladding

    180 kg

    Height / diameter:

    1116 / 490 mm

    Flue outlet:

    Ø 80 mm

    Connection height:

    129,5 mm

    Combustion air inlet:

    Ø 80 mm

    Connection height

    129,5 mm

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