Olsberg’s Quality Management System is based on the EN ISO 9001:2015 norm and assures an active and effective process.

The foundation of this system is that the quality goals set by management are facilitated and achieved by means of a constant process allowing access to resources and review of status and results.

This system consists of the following concepts among others:

  • Ascertaining and implementing customer expectations in an increasingly competitive international environment.
  • The application of future oriented manufacturing technologies and techniques.
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Our products’ seamless ability to have additional functionality or work added.

In order to assure continual improvement and to remain competitive, Olsberg GmbH places special emphasis on the long term security of our workers and on maintaining the most qualified workforce available.

The first step in the development of a product is determining the needs of the customer. By beginning with technical consultation with the customer and assuring that all technical and legal requirements are met, the most efficient production from the initial sample castings through series production are assured.

The goal is to assure that daily production consistently meets or exceeds the customers’ needs and expectations.

All components that may influence the quality of the finished product are obtained exclusively from qualified suppliers. Delivery terms, quality assurance and inventory control assure the consistently high quality of these delivered components and the finished product.

The parameters of the production process are subject to the regular and continual acquisition and analysis of information and data and, when required, changed or refined.

In order to assure that the highest quality standards are consistently met, the products are subjected to a series of tests both during and after production. Beginning with the chemical analysis of the physical characteristics of the raw materials to the ultra sound testing of the finished goods, data is acquired, evaluated and recorded.

Once the first sample castings are produced, the geometry of the castings are compared, by means of a Faro arm, to the engineering drawings. The sharing of this information with the customer confirms the accuracy of our automated form lines and that the parts are being produced according to the design.

A detailed error management system allows for the piece specific analysis of errors and the minimization of internal and customer rejects. The determination and quantification of any such errors leads to the implementation of corrective measures.

In this way both customer demands and company goals are met through a process of continual improvements which afford the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Gussteile von Olsberg

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