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Olsberg as an employer

Our team performs at its best when individual members commit all their skills and experience to it.

That's why we invest in each and every employee according to their talents and their individual capacity to work. We offer our employees a place of work in a very long-established family-run company with flat hierarchies. At the same time, we ask of each individual that they assume responsibility for the development of our company within their respective areas of work. Our targeted personnel development policies point out prospects and further-training opportunities in this regard. Our corporate structure is characterised by mutual respect and solidarity irrespective of whether colleagues are male or female, young or old, whether they come to the company with disabilities or from different countries.

Our company is located in the centre of the Sauerland with its picturesque landscapes full of attractive ways to spend leisure time and pursue sports. It is simultaneously embedded in south Westphalia, the third-largest industrial region in Germany.

Olsberg als Arbeitgeber
Olsberg als Arbeitgeber
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