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Graduate in business administration (VWA)

Bachelor of Arts (m/f)

Duration 3.5 years, seven semesters

As a dedicated graduate from high school, you will be given the opportunity to study business sciences alongside your training to qualify as an industrial clerk. Commercial professional training + business administration studies.

  • The following qualifications are available on conclusion of the course:
  • Industrial clerk
  • Graduate in business administration (VWA) and Bachelor of Arts
  • Foreign-language certificate (business English)
  • Test for qualification as a trainer in commercial organisations

This dual training is based on a contract concluded between Olsberg and the applicant. Olsberg will assume the course fees. Management assistants graduating in business administration will be qualified for future specialised and executive tasks in all areas of business.

Application requirements:

General qualification for university entrance

The selection process for 2014 has been concluded.
Please send in your applications for 2014 by 15 September 2014.

Information about the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie:

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