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Apprenticeships in the trades

  • Model maker (m/f), specialising in foundry work

    Qualified model makers (m/f) are able to make the models required for casting products using the respective technical drawings. Model makers must be familiar with forming processes, the properties of the metals being cast and how frequently the forming processes are required in their work.   

  • Foundry engineer (m/f), specialising in hand-mould casting

    Foundry engineer (m/f), specialising in hand-mould casting Qualified foundry engineers (m/f) specialising in hand-mould castings are able to carry out tasks relating to the manufacture of casting moulds made from sand for individually moulded items and short runs using models.   

  • Industrial mechanic (m/f), specialising in maintenance

    Industrial mechanics (m/f) specialising in maintenance are qualified to carry out activities in the field of maintenance and the restoration of the operational readiness of machines and production systems.    

  • Production mechanic (m/f) in production

    Production mechanics (m/f) assemble individual parts or component groups into industrial series-produced items, ranging from heating and electronic equipment through housing components to a wide variety of application areas for industrial products.    

  • Electronics technician (m/f) for industrial engineering

    Qualified electronics engineers (m/f) for industrial engineering are able to carry out activities in the field of electrical engineering. Tasks include the production, extension, modification, maintenance and repair of energy-supply equipment, of control and drive equipment, of communications equipment and of lighting equipment.   

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