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Model maker (m/f), specialising in foundry work

Duration: 3.5 years

Qualified model makers (m/f) are able to make the models required for casting products using the respective technical drawings. Model makers must be familiar with forming processes, the properties of the metals being cast and how frequently the forming processes are required in their work.

Their tasks include the drawing up of production plans, choosing the appropriate forming processes and the production of equipment for casting models. Practical training includes:

  • The creation of planning materials for models
  • The working of materials, manually and by machine
  • Checking model dimensions
  • Functionality checks
  • Manufacturing, checking and repairing cast-model facilities and lasting moulds

Apprentices will probably attend the vocational training college in Hagen. External partners and training events supplement our apprenticeships.

Application requirements:

Certificate of Secondary Education or Specialised Certificate of Secondary Education

Applications for 2014 are immediately welcome.

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