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Olsberg every day

Olsberg is amazingly versatile. Our solutions may be found in exciting everyday products for home use as well as in complex systems for industrial applications.

Rail engineering


Our systems-technology unit manufactures housings for use in the rail industry – certified in accordance with DIN 15085 CP C2.

Commercial vehicles


Renowned manufacturers of commercial vehicles place their trust in our high-quality cast components.


Electric stoves


From angle fasteners to coated coverings: many Olsberg components are also to be found in electric stoves.

Coffee machines


We manufacture individual stainless-steel components and the outer casings for milk coolers for famous coffee machine makers.




We produce complete housings from high-quality materials for top-of-the-range hi-fi equipment.



We also work for the leading manufacturers of plants and robots. We manufacture sophisticated cast parts at the highest of levels for them.


Electrical engineering industry


As a specialist for thin-walled grey and spheroid cast iron, we supply finished cast parts that may be delivered straight to our customers' conveyor belts.

Air-conditioning and ventilation engineering

Klima- / Lüftungstechnik

Circuit-boards and control housings along with complete air-conditioning and ventilation units are produced at our manufacturing locations.

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