Olsberg is one of the oldest family-run companies in Germany and it is able to look back on more than 440 years of history.
The earliest mention of the "Olsberger Hütte" has been found in records documenting a dispute about water rights dating from 1584. This document indicates that a ditch had already been dug in Olsberg in 1577 at the place where today's headquarters are located.

The stock book of the old Duchy of Westphalia names the first owners as Gerd Krüper and Heinrich Stengel in 1597. It can no longer be established for how long the Olsberger Hütte was in the possession of these "shareholders". But it may be assumed that Family Krüper was associated with the Olsberger Hütte for many years. It wasn't only one of the wealthiest families in the area, it also had close ties to the Kropff family, later shareholders, i.e. co-owners, in the company.

  • First documental reference


    Beginn of arch-melting on a larger amount in the Olsberger Hütte after creating a water ditch to the ... weiter lesen

  • Johannes Kropff

    1657 - 1724

    Johannes Kropff was the first person with the name of Kropff to hold co-ownership in the company. It is possible ... weiter lesen

  • Bernhard Heinrich Kropff

    1699 - 1771

    as the owner of the company who in turn then left it to his son Heinrich Caspar Kropff weiter lesen

  • Heinrich Caspar Kropff

    1726 - 1801

    who in turn appointed his son Friedrich Bernhard Kropff weiter lesen

  • Friedrich Bernhard Kropff

    1758 - 1807

    Friedrich Bernhard Kropff had no offspring and left his estate to his brother, Dr med Casper Arnold Kropff weiter lesen

  • Casper Arnold Kropff

    1777 - 1850

    Dr. med Casper Arnold Kropff who was a doctor and apothecary when he came into possession of the company. Arnold ... weiter lesen

  • Friedrich Caspar Kropff

    1808 - 1867

    Friedrich Caspar Kropff who then passed the company on to the last generation of the Kropff family. weiter lesen

  • Caspar Kropff

    1835 - 1888

    The last of this family was Caspar Kropff who was the sole owner of and shareholder in the company. weiter lesen

  • Ida Kropff, geb. Brüning

    1839 - 1918

    When Caspar died, his wife, Ida Kropff, nee Brüning, became the sole heir and thus the first woman at the top of ... weiter lesen

  • Hermann Everken

    1869 - 1947

    In 1921 Hermann Everken decided to join the company as the director. weiter lesen

  • Ferdinand Brüning

    1874 - 1959

    Ferdinand Brüning had already joined the Olsberger Hütte as the general manager in 1940. From 1948, he managed the ... weiter lesen

  • Hans Everken

    1901 - 1984

    Hans Everken was Herrmann Everken's second eldest son. He joined the company after leaving the military on 12 ... weiter lesen

  • Edward Kersting

    1932 - 2017

    On 1 October 1965, Edward Kersting joined the Olsberger Hütte and took over Hans Everken's position as the ... weiter lesen

  • Ralf Kersting


    In 1996, Ralf Kersting (*1965) joined the company. He worked under his father as an authorized signatory for more ... weiter lesen

  • since 2018

    Ulrich Herrmann und Stefan Osebold

    As of 01.01.2018, long-time employees Ulrich Herrmann and Stefan Osebold were appointed managing directors. weiter lesen

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Olsberg International

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